Forum: "Could 22-year-old murder be linked to Sanchez?"

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former kenmore woman

#5 Aug 16, 2007

I've wondered for all these years, "who killed Kathy"? When Sanchez was arrested, I said he had to have done this.Due to the proximity of American Brass and where it happened, the fact that she was strangled and also the police were apparently looking into a suspect who had similar physical feature. I didn't find out until today that she was strangled with a ligature. Does it really matter if it was double or single?! I hope and pray for her sister and mother, if she is still living, that the police and investigators look into this as deeply as possible to finally put this to rest.



#6 Aug 16, 2007

Don't be too quick to blame Sanchez, however. Not to defend this animal, but if you are wrong, the real murderer will get away with it.  The authorities must be careful not to blithely classify this as another Sanchez crime unless there is concrete evidence.


former kenmore woman

#7 Aug 16, 2007

Did they mention if there is any forensic evidence in the case of Kathy Herold? I just hope that the DA doesn't shut this down too quickly due to lack of evidence. Maybe there's someone out there who has some information and will come forward or as Aut Unumbumbum has mentioned, maybe they can exhume the body. We will be watching for developments on this story. It is so sad; all the devastation and heartbreak the this sick, evil individual has inflicted on so many people, I, too, am sick of seeing his disgusting face all over the news. Lock him up and throw away the key. He will rot in Hell.


Avenging Angel

#9 Aug 17, 2007

This may have nothing to do with Sanchez. According to the info from a reliable source, he had single-handedly figured out this murder and the cops covered it up because one of the killers was the son of a high-ranking local police official. This individual confronted the police who then swept this under the carpet. In the mid-80's there was a devil-worship cult that used to walk up and down Delaware Avenue on Friday nights chanting gibberish & wearing KKK-like costumes. These punks ritually strangled her as a devil-worship human sacrifice. The cops covered this up because the leader of the group was miserable, wussy punk whose father was a high-ranking cop! Sanchez is garbage, but he didn't do this one.

God demands that justice be done. These punks will be indicted within 180 days.



#11 Aug 17, 2007

To Avenging Angel: your friend should leave some info on this board but first contact the feds if he knows that the locals did this. Anyone with an axe to grind against someone can write these things:

"son of high-ranking cop/lawyer/doctor/politician/painter"



#13 Aug 17, 2007

He admitted to a bunch of rapes he committed but the statute of limitations had expired. Murder doesn't have a statute of limitations. He's not going to easily to admit to this one. I also think a statute of limitations should not exist on anything that causes physical harm to someone, including rape. Rape is a murder where you are still alive physically. But you're changed. Circumstantial evidence that exists now...most likely him. My prayers are with the family of Kathy, I hope you find some peace.


Avenging Angel

#14 Aug 17, 2007

There is no axe to grind, just a known fact. It was an open secret all over North Buffalo & the Tonawandas about who committed the crime. The cops never followed any leads. I did not personally know the perpetrators or the victim. All leads need to (be) followed as her sister said. The authorities have not done so. If I am a crackpot & wrong, so be it. This murder demands justice. It would be so easy to blame Sanchez, but if he didn't do it them somebody has gotten away with murder for 22 years. Even the DA does not think it was Sanchez. Is that not telling?


Former Tonawanda Resident

#18 Aug 18, 2007

I would have been 21 at the time of this murder and I can't recall any details. I was hoping someone would rerun the original story. I do remember there was some Satan worshiping going on in or near the old grain mills by the railroad tracks that crossed Woodward. I also remember a boy who died there (in a fall I think). I met his distraught father once and I will never forget it. Anyone else remember trouble at the former grain mills?


Former Tonawanda Resident

#19 Aug 18, 2007

Another thing...while the entire community has been looking for unsolved links to Sanchez for almost a year since Joan Diver went missing...why hasn't anyone mentioned this murder before now??? Hasn't this been an active investigation?


Avenging Angel

#20 Aug 18, 2007

"Also under suspicion are some people who were close to Herold at the time and who came under investigation following the murder back in 1985."

Who were "those people" close to her in 1985? The Woodward Avenue mill is less than two miles from the site where the body was found. The dirtbags who did this knew her at least casually and did this deliberately. It will be the bombshell I thought it was when this breaks open soon. The Tonawanda Keystone Cops will have egg on their faces & have much to answer for when the entire truth comes out. Covering up for one of its own was a disgrace in 1985 and will not stand now.

Apparently, I am not the only one who remembers the rotten Satanists who did this. God moves in mysterious ways and will make the people who did this pay at last for this heinous, hateful crime. Justice will be done. Shame on you, Tonawanda PD! You are going to be embarrassed & humiliated. It will be for everyone to see that you purposely covered this up in '85.


former kenmore woman

#23 Aug 18, 2007

To Avenging Angel: I hope you can go to the cops and let them know the information that you know. Maybe somebody other than the Tonawanda PD. I knew the Herolds. My family lived next door to them. They went through a totally devastating time. First the father died suddenly of a heart attack and then Katherine was murdered. I'll never forget that day, when I came home and saw my mother’s face and I knew immediately something was very wrong. I was going to college and working at the time. My Mother told me Katherine had been killed. I just couldn't believe it. Then she told me that had gone with Mrs. Herold to identify her body- it was so upsetting and horrible. I never knew all this information that you (Avenging Angel) know. Is the cop still on the force whose son it is that possibly did it?


former kenmore woman

#24 Aug 18, 2007

Con't... I am very interested in any information about this. I'm pretty sure her mother and sister have moved away. I always wondered why they never got the killer(s). What Avenging Angel is saying could be the reason why. At first when they caught Sanchez and it came out where he was employed, I thought he had to be Katherine's killer. Now I don't feel so sure about that. I wonder, do they have any physical evidence? This was before DNA evidence was used. With the renewed publicity on this case, they need to get this solved. Even if outside sources need to do it!


Avenging Angel

#28 Aug 19, 2007

I am painfully aware that I have not named names, but I can assure you that a relative of mine who regularly harassed & confronted the satanists on Delaware Ave in 1985 dug around for the truth. He got his answer very quickly because it was all over the streets. When he took the info to the Tona PD he was deliberately put off by them. He only later learned that the reason was that the main offender & ring leader was a highly connected individual. He presented the cops with the info, the satanist group was at least temporarily forcibly disbanded, and the murder was conveniently swept under the carpet.

Let me give you another important insight: I applied for a job as a youth minister in the mid-90's at a church not very far from the place where Kathy's body was found. I asked the church leadership why they decided to do this now when they never had anyone in the position before. The answer was very revealing: it was explained to me that the local middle & high schools in Kenmore & Tona were riddled with satanists. They were openly combatting what they perceived as a palpable, growing evil and that they were losing the hearts & minds of the local kids to satanism. The were astonished to find that I was not shocked by this and did not consider their claims paranoid or outlandish because I was aware of the Satanists in the area from ten years before.

Over the years, I have often mentioned this story of my relative's search for the truth and the subsequent brush off by the PD. Those who sought out the truth back then were very brave to do this. It disturbed them that the creeps could get away with it. The perpetrators had a wall of protection in high places then but not now.

By all means, look at Sanchez, but I would NOT spend too much time there. I would look at those whom she knew & were at her school or in her area.


Give the help now

#31 Aug 20, 2007

If you can’t trust the police, forward your lead to WGRZ. I am sure they will make sure it is followed up on. Did Kathy live in Kenmore, attend Kenmore West?


former kenmore woman

#33 Aug 20, 2007

First of all, I can't believe some of the stupid comments people post, e.g.. Papa Smurf. Yes, Kathy did live in Kenmore. I went online to the Buffalo News so I could read whatever articles there were on her murder from July '85, but they only allow you to go back in the archives as far as 1989; how bogus. Also nothing has been reported since the 2 hour meeting with the Tonawanda PD on Friday 8/17. What's up. They better not try to sweep this under the rug again!!



#34 Aug 20, 2007

They should track down everywhere this scum bag went on vacations to see if there are unsolved rape/murders there. If he had trillionth of a fraction of decency, he should confess to everything so people can finally have closure.


Avenging Angel

#35 Aug 20, 2007

Satanic ritual strangulation is similar to that practiced by the Aztecs and the native peoples of ancient Ireland as evidenced by the corpses from the peat bogs found to have been ritually strangled many centuries ago. It was to achieve a specific religious purpose and often did not mutilate or violate the body. The concept of the human sacrifice is a simplistic one: it is to make an unblemished blood offering in return for he good favor of an obliging pagan godhead. This type of strangulation in our day & age often coincides within a few days of the birthday of the leader of such a group or one of its members, but is not solely or genuinely for religious reasons. It is often and act of retribution or revenge or simply an act of psychosis.



#36 Aug 20, 2007

STOP with all the satanic stuff...enough already. Also, this "the guy that did it was connected" is also nonsense. The guy who everyone believes did it was just a local scumbag...why he wasn't arrested is not known. You people need to stop writing more drama into this terrible tragedy, it is not helpful in the least.


Avenging Angel

#37 Aug 20, 2007

IT IS NO DRAMA!!! The info I have is based upon actual facts not exaggeration. The story even says that people close to her were initially under suspicion, but yet somehow the whole thing was mysteriously dropped. I did NOT make any of this up. I have known since 1985 who did this.

WAKE UP! I personally saw these stupid Satanists march up & down Delaware Ave back then. A close relative of mine solved this murder by 1986 and NOBODY would listen to him. Tona PD are dirtbags.

Sanchez has already come clean about all the other rapes he did. Why would he then withhold this killing- he is already in for 75-life? Even the DA does NOT think he did it. It is not a matter of what "everyone believes". He would have admitted to it by now.

Think about who was Chief of Police for Tona back then & see if his worthless kid knows about this. DO I HAVE TO HIT FOLKS OVER THE HEAD WITH THIS? The Satanists leader was a first-class wussy brain-dead punk with a reputation for cruelty even amongst his own.

Facts in 1985:

Satanism was rampant & openly practiced in the immediate area.

Those originally under suspicion were people she knew and that knew her.

Sanchez already confessed to a huge slew of additional crimes but NOT this. He had nothing to gain by hiding this now.

A close relation of my confronted the Tona PD 1985 & 1986 with his info on the murder & was deliberately put off.

EVERY lead should be followed no matter how absurd you or anyone else thinks it is. Somebody has gotten away with this for 22 years. Justice needs to be done. If Sanchez did it, then lets all pray he confesses immediately & let the matter be put to rest. If he did NOT do it, then who did? Obviously, somebody had some veil of protection for a long time OR the TONA PD is truly as incompetent as everyone thinks.



#38 Aug 21, 2007

I'd say YOU are the one that needs to WAKE UP! If you know so much about this as you claim, then F-CKING REPORT IT ALREADY! Posting all the satanic crap as you are here isn't doing anyone any good. I'm sure the girl's family would love to know who did this. Why would you keep it from them for so long? Take the information you have and give it to the cops, do it anonymously if you have to, but DO IT! (If you don't, you are no better a person than the one who killed this girl.)



#39 Aug 21, 2007

To Kelly-YES!!

Thank you.



Buffalo, NY

the reason this hasn't beeen solved is that the 3 guys involved in her death have all died since then. The cops knew it then and still know it


former kenmore woman

#41 Aug 23, 2007

Who were these guys and how did they die?



#42 Aug 27, 2007

Yes who were these guys? I was Kathy's best friend & I have no idea who you are talking about.



#43 Sep 10, 2007

I dated Kathy and was devastated when she died. Hearing all this crap about cults makes me seethe. I knew these "cultists", and the news media used a false rumor to grab attention. If they would have concentrated on the facts, the killer might have been caught. These idiotic comments only focus attention away from the truth. Thank you for standing up to these people.


A classmate of Kathy H

#44 Dec 3, 2012

I was a classmate of Kathy's in 1985; I did not know her well, but I remember she had beautiful red hair, sparkling blue eyes, and she was very bright. I remember the initial shock in the community when this first happened, but it quieted down quickly, becoming just one of many tragedies that occurred during that time frame ; there were many suicides at KWHS , followed by the heinous John Justice murder spree. ( I knew him too). There was always an undercurrent of Satanism, drugs, & heavy metal during my years at KW. I don't know if any parents or school administrators took it at all seriously. I wish to God they would have. I live in VA now, but I think of that time quite often, and I pray that things have gotten better.


Bill M.

#47 Feb 4, 2014

I remember that night she went missing. My friend Chris and I were heading to a party at a place behind the grain mills called "Snakeland". She was walking down the railroad tracks in the same direction we were and we started walking together to the party. I remember she had reddish hair and she was skinny and very pretty, she even walked my bike along the tracks for me. it was still a little sunny out and wasn't quite dark yet. Once we got to the party behind the grain silos we kind of went our separate ways and didn't see her all night. I found out maybe the next day that she was missing.