Return to Snakeland/Graphic Novel/ Copyright 2019.

"All This Shit Actually Happened."

Image: Graham Nolan

This is a collection of news articles, songs and video about the real-life people, places and events portrayed in "Return to Snakeland".  Although the events themselves that took place in the mid-1980s were real, the framework we created around them for the graphic novel was heavily fictionalized.  These are intended to bring attention to the actual unsolved murders, inordinately high number of teen suicides and the seriousness with which Satanic worship was regarded in Kenmore, NY during this period.  If this raises any interest in re-opening cold cases, that would be a fine thing.  As we have learned recently, there are still unpleasant, and perhaps criminal, aspects to this particular time and place that have yet to be discovered or addressed. 

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